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15" PRO DRAG Beadlock Kit

15" PRO DRAG Beadlock Kit

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This beadlock kit converts a pair of back wheels!

Enemies Racing Australia beadlocks are the quintessential street and strip beadlocks to go on your 15” wheels. All of our beadlocks styles are designed so that you could have unrivaled performance without discrediting style. These beadlocks compliment every wheel like no other. During manufacturing process, we can narrow your rims, widen them up to 17mm for singles and 34mm for doubles, or keep them the same width – your choice.

What makes our beadlocks superior to other models is the weight lightening design (this is crucial because of rotating mass) & the knurling design to keep your wheel exactly where you want it.

Our beadlocks are made in house on our CNC HAAS, with a versatile alloy that does not rust or corrode – 6061 grade Aluminium. All beadlock kits come with 18 heat treated 12-point head, 5/16″ UNF Titanium bolts, for maximum durability and strength.


  • We do not sell kits seperately. You MUST send us your wheels for us to complete the conversion.
  • The bead on your tyre must be at least 15mm thick
  • Any stickers on your wheels may get damaged due to heat from the weld.



    1. Place your order online or over the phone.

    2. Remove tyres.

    3. Box up your wheels. Include order number or your name so we can match your wheels with your order.

    4. Freight them to 554 Toowoomba Karara Road, Wyreema, QLD 4352, or if you are local, feel free to drop them in to us!

    Some freight companies you may like to look into:

    • Australia Post
    • TNT Easy send (for ABN holders only)
    • Pack & Send
    • Aramex
    • Couriers please

    We will let you know once we have received your wheels. It will take us around 7 days to complete the conversion, and when we have, you will be notified of your tracking number or be asked to collect.